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Day or night, sunny or grey, enjoy our bubble waffles.

Moment’s cafe was opened in June 2020 and is owned by a couple from Hong Kong. The owner named Moment whose father had ran a Chinese restaurant for many years. Since teenage, Moment used to help his father in school holidays. Therefore, he had developed his enthusiasm in running a catering business.

In view of food, Hong Kong Milk Tea and Bubble Waffles are originated and uniquely snacks in Hong Kong. People used to consume as part of their breakfasts, meals or refreshments in daily life. Moment’s father in law was a bubble waffle baker for over 20 years before his retirement. His special recipe made the waffles crispy and tasty that attracted many fans spending time in queue to buy his Bubble Waffles.

Originally, Bubble Waffles are sold as plain egg waffles. Nowadays, they have been modified in different tastes such as chocolate, green tea with ice cream and other toppings. They are also popping up around the world including UK, Australia, USA and Taiwan…etc. Many people are also found in queue for purchasing.

Hong Kong Milk tea is very famous and popular which serves approximately 900 million glasses / cups a year in Hong Kong tea culture. Its unique taste of black tea mixed with milk leaves the mouths fragrant after drinking. Therefore, the couple introduced those famous food together with other Hong Kong cuisine to the beautiful island, Prince Edward Island, by opening Moment’s Cafe. It is deserved for everybody coming to have a try.

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We had our Valentino’s Day lunch here. Service and food were wonderful!! Thank you, Mo-ment, so nice to meet you. Cosy atmosphere · Convenient location · Popular with locals
Stopped in for some take out at lunch today, service was amazing , super friendly. My food was amazing and the food i saw prepared that i didnt order looked just as good
Very delicious and very friendly owners!!! Definitely will back again! Very recommended, take out is possible as well!


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